Expatriate Insurance for Long Term Travelers

When living abroad for an extended period (1 year or more), make sure you have the best health coverage possible to insure you and your family should you need medical care. Below you can review and compare global health insurance plans. The companies compared below offer comprehensive worldwide annually renewable health insurance tailored to the needs of expatriates, global nomads or international citizens. We have selected highly rated insurers with excellent customer service, 24/7 emergency assistance and the most extensive network of doctors and healthcare facilities.

Ready to review your options? Select your traveler type below to find the best coverage for your needs.

The Best Options for Long-Term Travelers (1+ year)


Global Medical Insurance®

  • Long-term (1+ year) comprehensive worldwide medical insurance for individuals and families

  • Annually renewable medical coverage

  • Deductible options from $100 to $25,000

  • Maximum limit options from $1,000,000 to $8,000,000


Long Term International Medical Insurance

  • Choice of varying medical limits and deductibles

  • For trips up to 6 months for ages 84 or younger

  • Covers pre-existing conditions for medical services and medical evacuation.


Xplorer Premium

  • Contraceptive services, surgeries and supplies are covered under the policy.

  • Unlimited annual and lifetime medical maximum.

  • Deductible waived for office visits with doctors

  • No waiting period or sublimit for preventive services.

  • Meets all Schengen Visa requirements.

  • Pre-existing conditions covered with creditable coverage.

  • Illnesses and injuries related to terrorism are covered.